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(As of 1/1/16)


Permits and Inspections






Permit for Residential Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection.


Re-inspection due to failure  $25.00

Single Family  $55.00

Two Family   $100.00

Three to Six Family  $150.00

Seven plus Family  $500.00


(All Permits good for  Sixty days.)





*Permit for Sprinkler System/Fire Alarm System:  Installation and/or repairs.


Review of Plans (per project) $50.00


Permit to Install (per project)


0-50 heads - $50.00

51-100 heads - $100.00

101-200 heads - $150.00

201+heads - $200.00


Permit for Blasting (30 days) $50.00/30days


Blasting Site Inspection $50.00/for project


 Permit for Tank/Cargo Truck Inspections (2 years) $50.00/bi-annually


Permit to Store L.P.G. (Indefinite) $50.00(indefinite)

(LPG expires on change of ownership of property)





*Permit to Install or Remove Underground Storage Tanks (30 days)


1,100 gallons or less $50.00/tank/30days


1,101 gallons plus $150.00/tank/30days




*Permit To Tightness Test Underground Tanks (30 days) $50.00/tank/30days


Permit to Store Flammable Fluids and Combustible Liquid:   (1 year)


0-1000 gallons - $50.00/annually

1001-10,000 gallons - $100.00/annually

Over 10,000 gallons - $150.00/annually



Permit for Oil Burning  Equipment:


Oil Burning Equipment $50.00

Install Tank $50.00

Remove Tank $50.00



License of Land Storage; Flammable Fluids (indefinite) $50.00/indefinite

(In accordance with MGL Chpt 148 Sec 9 & 13)




Permit for Welding/Cutting Storage (1 year) $50.00/annually


Permit for Black Powder (five year) $50.00(five years)





Permit for Open Burning of Bush


Seasonal Permit $20.00(Jan.15th to May 1st)


Agricultural Permit $50.00(Jan. 1st to Dec 31st)

(Checks or money orders only. Made out to the Town of Dudley)


Report Requests $20.00





Ceremonial Bon Fire (one permit issued annually) $50.00/30days


Permit to Operate Lumber Yard (1 year) $50.00/annually


Permit for Junk Yard (1 year) $50.00/annually


Processing of Hazardous Materials (1 year) $50.00/annually and for each category







Residential False Fire Alarm (Starts Jan. 1st) $50.00(After 2 Alarms)


Commercial False Fire Alarm (Starts Jan. 1st) $100.00(After 2 Alarms)


Commercial Malicious False Fire Alarms (Starts Jan. 1st) $500.00(First Alarm $100.00)



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